Friday 10  - Monday 13 September 2021 - DRIFT LONGBOARDING / CREATIVE RETREAT 

We have merged our two favourite retreats into one. 

This long weekend will look at the history, style and techniques of long boarding. We will have special guests to run workshops and we will hone our longboarding skills from cross-stepping to nose riding. We'll share our best tips, favourite films, wisdom and get practising and honing our skills with special tips from the greats. 

We will look at the art of long boarding, the history and get tips from the best. 

We will also host workshops with our guests and rediscover our own creativity as well as take some time to hone or develop any creative projects we might be working on. There will be options for pottery and painting sessions and space for you to develop your own work if you want to bring a project along. 


The Retreat will include creative sessions for writing and generating ideas. There is the opportunity to have a go at pottery on the wheel with Shelley and make something to take home. We will have an abstract painting session and have some creative exercises to get us to tap into our inner creativity.