Friday 28 - Monday 31 May 2021 - DRIFT FIT

This Retreat is about feeling fit and strong in your body. This doesn't need to look a certain way - it is only about how you feel and feeling strong and fit after the lockdown can give you a much needed boost and kickstart your fitness regime ready for summer.  

Drift Fit will focus on our fitness. There will be optional cardio and circuits sessions every day using Beach Bels and discussions on nutrition and fitness from experts. This is a good kickstart if you want to get fit again or reboot if you've got caught in a  rut. We hope to inspire and make fitness fun again during the Retreat. Personal Trainer Special Guests run the sessions.


At DRIFT FIT we will work out mainly using our own body weight and Beach Bells filled with sand for simple workout sessions. 

Andre Le Geyt is a local fireman, surfer and all around waterman. He is the fire service fitness instructor and he has been the Jersey short board and longboard champion and ultra-endurance champ. He is also a Stand Up Paddleboard British champion and he completed the Yukon River Quest 720 km the first year SUP was included and has the world record time for the Great Glenn crossing of Scotland on SUP. Andre will lead these sessions at low tide in a circuit style. He is a great motivator and will give tips to help you stay in the right frame of mind to keep fit. 

Hannah Jacques is a health and happiness coach, personal trainer and podcast host. After 11 years in the fitness and wellness industry she now helps people restart a health and happiness journey starting from within, through her Mind Body and Soul TransformationPackages and Sessions. Hannah will join us for a workshop sharing her wellness journey and positivity hour. Hannah will give share her tips for keeping motivated and happy in your body. 

We will also have surf, food and yoga and there will be the opportunity to do a 5K or 10K run at low tide. This can also be a walk for those who would prefer.


You can tailor the Retreat to push yourself as much as you choose.