Q & A with Drift founder Becs Coley

Hey Becs, you’re a notorious world traveller, whereabouts are you galavanting at the moment?

I am in Nias, with Nat! We’re doing a reccy for our first “Drift Away” in October 2018. It’s always wonderful to return to Nias. It feels like a second home to me.

Your film “Changing Point” recently won the London Surf Film Festival best UK short, can you tell us more about the project and what you hope to change (if anything) through your visual story telling?

Changing Point is the story of Bonne Gea, a girl from Lagundri Bay in Nias who became the first female Indonesian surf champion. I like the idea of opening peoples minds to what is possible and other possibilities, and I think Bonne can be an inspiration to the younger generation.

What do you think is a major struggle female surfers are facing at the moment?

I think in general - competitive superficiality. I’d like to see more positivity about striving

to be a better person, athlete or representative of surfing if you’re privileged enough to have that role. The only person we should be in competition with is ourselves, rather than comparing ourselves to others - it’s the thief of joy. But there are plenty of ambassadors for female surfing I admire.

What, in your eyes has changed about this since you began surfing?

There’s loads more girls in the water! It’s brilliant! There’s no longer a macho atmosphere.

However, like many industries, females are still looked at through the male gaze. It’s just been the way surfing began and has grown. A new, more balance way IS emerging, due to women bringing in their own unique voices, art and style.

Why do you feel so passionate about Drift?

Well, I guess I really needed it. I was running on empty with nothing else to give. I needed just stop and fill up my own cup. There’s a lot to be said for taking time out; it helps you make sure you’re headed in the right direction, it gives you perspective and more space to step back and think. Self care is essential, but doesn’t tend to be at the top of our “to do” list so that’s how Drift was born. I learnt taking time out leads to a happier existence.

What’s been your proudest moment so far?

I’m proud of the journey with the Nias film. I say the journey, because I feel honoured to met everyone involved. I’ve enjoyed watching Lucinda grow up into a good person and a really great surfer. I hope to feel proud when it’s finished because its taken a long time, and a lot of sacrifice, sweat, tears and growth (for me) to become the person to complete this film.

How do you find balance in this digitally draining world and what helps you recharge your own batteries?

The sea!! Going surfing or swimming. It’s the best remedy for being “plugged in” for too long. I try and get in the sea every day; it involves meeting up with friends, having time dedicated to swimming, chatting, tea and biscuits - the whole ritual - and that’s what keeps me balanced.

What are you excited about that’s coming up in the next year?

Launching “Drift Away”, bring awesome Drifters to some of the most awesome places on Earth and saring experiences they will love. I’m very excited about finishing “Point of Change” and sharing it with the world.

Visit Bec's Point of Change website here

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