We’re ready to welcome you back to our little island in 2021 and to share our big spirit with you once again. You will find things are a little different here now, quieter and safer.


We’ve put new measures in place that ensure the health and well-being of you, your loved ones, and our local community. So come to Jersey, refresh, revitalise and reconnect with nature. 

We’re waiting for you. Visit Safe.

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DRIFT JERSEY is our home Retreat, based on the west coast of Jersey in the Channel Islands. A DRIFT Retreat is a unique wellbeing experience incorporating surfing, yoga and delicious nourishing food.


At DRIFT we take time out in nature, share delicious wholesome 

food, practice yoga and get in the sea. We stay in a magical, historic Tower renovated with all the mod-cons, located within the Jersey National Park. We are five minutes drive from the airport and airport / ferry transfers are included in the price. 


Yoga, surfing and good food are the staple of every day and we also have meditation sessions, walking and workshops available. 


Nutritious organic vegetarian food is served for every meal. We aim for as much plant-based and locally sourced as possible. The menu is mostly gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free deliciousness. We cater for all needs: Fill up with healthy fuel needed for your day, detoxing without noticing: Fresh juices, smoothies, super foods, Raw snacks and wholesome food made with love. 


Wake up to yoga each morning, surf sessions every day and explore the nature and wildlife on your doorstep with five miles of pristine beach and Jersey National Trust’s Wetland Centre nearby. 

Nature dictates the schedule. We are flexible and we roll with what the conditions dictate. If there are waves, we surf. If the surf is flat, we SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board). If the wind is strong we visit a more sheltered beach. We aim for a group swim in the sea every day. In the afternoons we walk or go foraging for wild food or you can relax and enjoy a massage. 


The Tower is your sanctuary for the duration of your visit. We adapt to make sure we make the most of the conditions and offer everyone the best experience of nature and wild adventures balanced with healthy down time and relaxation. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed. 


"We have no wifi but you'll find a better connection."




DRIFT is located in the magical Channel Islands, surrounded by some of the cleanest beaches in Europe and best coastline in the British isles. We are based in one of the Jersey's most amazing locations: the iconic Kempt Tower, built in 1834, restored with all the modern conveniences, situated inside the Jersey National Park, which encompasses 1900 hectares of fully protected coastline. Kempt Tower is perfectly situated overlooking St Ouen's five mile beach on one side and the Pond Nature Reserve with a state-of-the-art bird hide on the other. 


There are many beautiful coastal walks, bays and beaches to explore. Or you can simply relax on the beach or up on the roof of your Martello Tower; home for your retreat. The whole experience is about unplugging from the stresses of modern life, digitally detoxing and getting back in touch with nature, so you'll leave feeling refreshed, renewed and rejuvinated.




Kempt Tower was originally built as a defensive tower against possible French invasion. Constructed with Jersey granite, the Tower has the best of both worlds, with being a stone’s throw from the beach below and also picturesque paths through Jersey’s wetland nature reserve and sand dunes just minutes away.

The Tower is our sanctuary for the Retreat. There is a Roof top area with magnificent views across the Bay.


The nature of Drift is about sharing this unique experience together. The Tower is open-plan and there are bunk beds with a double bed as the bottom bunk and a single bed on the top. It is possible to share the double bottom bunk at a reduced rate per person. 


The beds are comfy and cosy for a good night's sleep after a day by the sea. This is closer to glamping than camping and bunks are divided by screens if requested. Linen and towels are provided. 


There are hot showers and a comfortable living and dining space with a wood burner and a selection of classic surf films and good books. 


Where would we be without it? We are all made of it. Sometimes the best thing for us is to spend a little time in it.


At DRIFT we like to get in the sea all year around, no matter the weather. We focus on surfing with a one hour and a half session every day tailored to individual needs. We cater for complete beginners through to intermediate surfers wishing to improve. We can film surf sessions so you can analyse your form if you wish and you can receive individual feedback on your progress and style from our coaches. 


If there are waves we surf. If the surf is flat, we SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) or SUP yoga or kayak or go coasteering. If it’s too big we go to a different sheltered bay and we can consider a different activity to fit the conditions.


Surfing is about the pure child-like joy of riding a wave, whether you do that lying on your belly, or you are a seasoned pro, Drift is about having fun. It’s as simple as that. The tide dictates when we surf and this decides when surf lessons will be each day.


No matter what we will provide excellent activities designed to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated by your time by the sea.



At DRIFT we want to move our bodies and spend time with our 'selfs’ honouring the good intention to put aside some time for our own personal movement and development. We run one hour yoga session each morning and an hour each afternoon minimum over the four day weekend. 


We are very relaxed when it comes to our yoga, just like everything else. The main thing is to get moving and fluid. The relaxed style of our teachers means it is mostly about having fun. 


It will be more about cultivating BALANCE by combining both Yin and Yang yoga. Vinyasa Flow to move, strengthen, stretch and breathe - a dynamic style focused on synchronising breath with movement to build awareness of the whole body; create flexibility, stability and coordination; following alignment principles to allow more energy flow throughout. 


Yin yoga to restore and delve into the fascia, connective tissues and reach the organs through the Chinese meridians.  More static, floor based and rooted in mindfulness; it is a functional approach and accessible to all. We’re focused on being happy, confident and getting good energy flowing. 


The afternoon class is even more relaxed with an easier session designed to stretch out the muscles used in the day’s activities and usually incorporating elements of mindfulness and meditation. Just like the best surfer is the one having the most fun, our ethos is the best yogi is the one with the biggest smile. 




Food is at the center of everything we do. Everything rotates around what we put into our bodies. So of course food is at the center of wellbeing and at the center of the DRIFT retreat. We all know what we put in we get out, so we will be putting in lots of the good stuff.


During the weekend DRIFT offer delicious super foods, healthy wholesome meals and snacks to keep you fuelled for the Retreat. You’ll always have enough with our specially designed menu for the duration of your stay. You can have a detox whilst still having that yummy holiday feeling of eating lots of delicious meals and treats. Our menus are designed by India Hamilton from SCOOP (the Sustainable Co-operative).

Most of the food will be vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free, with a few exceptions where we will clearly tell you. We’re proud most food is locally sourced and organic and includes seasonal and wild treats where possible. Please let us know your requirements.




Fresh invigorator shots

Cucumber, apple, spinach and lime juice

Rainbow breakfast bowl with rolled oats, fresh fruit and optional cereals and açai.



Nut bread with beetroot carpaccio, roasted pepper hummous with avocado and sun dried tomatoes and a fresh local green salad, served with rock salt, herb kale crisps and wild dressings. 

Special Green pea soup. 

Vegan banana ice-cream sundae, with mini raw millionaires shortbread pieces



Fresh rejuvenator smoothie 

Tiger Nut muffins / Power balls 



Drift sweet potato coconut curry and wild rice  / Roasted vegetables

Local wakame seaweed salad and raw nut crackers 

Raw vegan lemon and raspberry cheesecake
kefir fizz / fresh herb teas 

We prepare as much locally sourced whole foods as possible. Please let us know in advance if you would like your food to be gluten-free / dairy-free / vegan or if you have any major dislikes and we will prepare some delicious alternatives.



we are so lucky at drift to have a talented team of  unique individuals who make each retreat speciaL. 


REBECCA COLEY began DRIFT Retreats four years ago after she moved back to Jersey from London, feeling a strong urge to 'retreat' and get back to the sea. Born and raised on Jersey, Rebecca spent much of her childhood on the beach and spent a couple of years managing a surf school in between studying and trained as a lifeguard and surf coach before becoming a filmmaker. Rebecca is a meditation teacher and is passionate about reconnecting with nature and encouraging others to do the same. She is an advocate for cold water swimming, getting in the sea all year around and she loves storytelling and bringing like-minded people together to share inspiring experiences together. 

INDIA HAMILTON is a passionate chef, obtaining the Grand Diplome from Le Cordon Bleu. India worked in a variety of London Restaurants - including the Wapping Project and the Windsor Castle - before initiating her own projects.

In Jersey India is a co-founder of SCOOP a sustainable cooperative that is plastic-free, zero-waste, celebrating local biodiversity focused on building a local food network. India's aim is to create 'wow' foods, in a local accessible and sustainable way. At DRIFT India creates organic, mostly local, predominantly plant-based feasts and discusses the menu with you and adapts to your needs as part of the group. Vegan is available, you let us know your preferences in advance. India looks to explore all avenues to improve the food systems from production to wellbeing and waste and we're delighted to have her feeding us at DRIFT. 

MEAGAN JONES is a yoga instructor, surf coach and massage therapist. She is a local Jersey girl with a passion for adventure. It was in Jersey as a young teen that she became obsessed with surfing and everything involved and through training for surf competitions that she was directed towards yoga and wellbeing. Meagan studied journalism, and traveled to as many surf and yoga orientated places as possible returning to Jersey to teach surfing at local surf schools. After university she trained in 200hr Ashtanga Teacher training and has studied to become a massage therapist, Sekhem healer and 100hr yin yoga teacher. She is passionate about anything that involves working with people to enjoy life and being a part of her clients healing journeys and when she is not pursuing her working passions, she loves to write poetry, be outdoors, in the ocean and take any workshops to add to her holistic well being work.

SARAH CARR is a yoga teacher, a nutritional Health Coach and a holistic facialist with over 18 years’ experience in facial treatments specialising in facial massage.  Sarah believes that feeling confident in your own skin is not just products and treatments - it is feeling empowered and knowing what you can do to feel your best.  Helping you look at sleep patterns, eating well, movement and hydration to gain results. Sarah's experience in the beauty industry has seen her treat clients with her personalised techniques all over the world and present as a skincare expert on QVC and she is an ambassador for Liz Earle. Sarah's facials address the whole body and mind, encouraging complete relaxation and helping to rebalance on a deeper energetic level. Each treatment is totally unique and personalised to your needs and is included in the cost when Sarah is with us on Retreat. 

CHAROLTTE BAYLISS is a chartered physiotherapist who has a passion for the way that Pilates helps people move and feel better. Charlotte has travelled the world and competed in surf competitions around the globe. Nowadays she 

spends most of her free time in the water and rides everything from a 5,7 short board to a 9’6 single fin with everything between. Charlotte says she feels lucky to have travelled a lot over the years and particularly love spending time in Costa Rica and California. She used to compete a lot in both shortboarding and on the longboard, however in recent years she's enjoyed surfing just for fun so much more! Charlotte join us to teach a pilates session during the Retreat working on our cores and alignment, which is so important for surfing.

NATALIE FOX - Originally hailing from Stratford-Upon-Avon, Nat is proof that coming from a land-locked place does not stop you becoming a sea lover. Nat was drawn to the ocean after studying media at Uni, began surfing in Cornwall and continued to pursue her love of pointbreaks around the world, becoming an ISA surf coach in 2008. Nat has practised yoga for over ten years, originally attracted to aid her surfing but fell in love with its traditional and spiritual philosophy and in 2011 she travelled to India to train in Quantum Yoga and she has trained in Yin yoga focussing on restorative postures and mindfulness techniques.  She has taught surfing and yoga all over the world. Nat is a Roxy Fitness Ambassador and an advocate for marine conservation, having volunteered for Sea Shepherd, Surfers for Cetaceans, Surfers Against Sewage Representative and co-founding of Women for Whales, a global network of conscious activists dedicated to whale freedom.  Nat runs Snow Drift and Drift Away Retreats when she's not off expeditioning around the world.

GEMMA BARTLETT is the owner of 'Wild Health' Food and Lifestyle Company and co-owner of Barrow at the Manor. She is a living foods chef and advocate of eating whole, natural, organic foods. Gemma loves to create delicious colourful healthy meals and snacks and studied to become a Health Educator at Hippocrates Health Institute, learning the incredible power of living foods combined with mindfulness, exercise and emotional freedom techniques for healing and reversing many health conditions. A holistic therapist, Gemma works alongside many clients helping them to heal themselves. She has spent time in South America working on conservation projects and studying medicinal plants and she has studied phytobiophysics frequency medicine in Jersey with Diana Mossop, the founder of the philosophy. When she isn't hanging out with her awesome little girl Violet you can find her at festivals selling delicious raw juices and plant-based meals and snacks. Lover of lucid dreaming and raw chocolate, she makes the most delicious raw chocolate cakes, millionaires shortbread and delicious desserts you can sample during a DRIFT Retreat. 



DRIFT Retreat long weekend in Jersey includes:

- Airport transfers 

- Accommodation in Kempt Tower

- Surf lessons (including wetsuit, board hire) 

- Yoga sessions (2 hours per day) 

- Pilates session

- Stand Up Paddle session (including wetsuit, board hire

- Three nutritious plant based meals a day prepared by our chef

- All juices / smoothies / teas / fruit / raw snacks

- Mindfulness meditation morning sessions (daily)

- Hike / walk / wild coastal foraging

- BBQ / Camp fire / picnic 

- Additional activities in relation to the theme of each Retreat with special guests all included 

Drift Retreats

BOOKING 2021 -

We are looking forward to welcoming you back in 2021. we will be following the GOVERNMENT guidelines and putting your health and safety first as we prepare to offer you a relaxing and invigorating retreat on beautiful jersey. 

DRIFT Retreats run from Friday 4pm until Monday 4pm. 

DRIFT Retreats are all-inclusive for 4 days / 3 nights. 

 2021 DATES:



Friday 28 - Monday 31 May 2021 - DRIFT FIT

Friday 4 - Monday 7 June 2021 - DRIFT YOGA

Friday 10  - Monday 13 September 2021 - DRIFT LONGBOARDING

Friday 17 - Monday 20 September 2021 - DRIFT CREATIVE

Every DRIFT Retreat is different and we always centre around surf, food & yoga AND this year each Retreat will have a special focus with special guests joining us for each Retreat:

Friday 28 - Monday 31 May 2021 - DRIFT FIT

This DRIFT Retreat will focus on our fitness. Our body carries us through life, yet is often neglected. This Retreat will help us reset the way we look after our body and fitness in a mindful holistic way. There will be optional cardio and circuits sessions every morning using Beach Bells (portable fitness training equipment) on the beach, starting the day with a good sweat to get the heart going. There will be talks on nutrition and fitness and this is a good kickstart if you want to get fit again or reboot if you've got caught in a  rut. We hope to inspire and make fitness fun again during the Retreat with plenty of inspiration and advice to continue at home. 

Friday 4 - Monday 7 June 2021  - DRIFT YOGA

YOGA is such a personal journey and there are many schools and styles of yoga. During this weekend we will explore the yoga that works for you. We will have visiting yoga teachers who will share their passion and their approach and we will explore different practices of yoga. We will have optional yoga sessions running for four hours a day - two in the morning and two in the afternoon and we will have discussions and workshops around our yoga practice. Drift Yoga will be an exploration of how yoga fits into your life, the kind of yoga that suits you as an individual and will focus on how to integrate your yoga practice in a way that works for you and your every day life. 

Friday 10  - Monday 13 September 2021 - DRIFT LONGBOARDING

With a focus on longboarding: This long weekend will look at the history, style and techniques of long boarding. We will have special guests to run workshops and we will hone our longboarding skills from cross-stepping to nose riding. We'll share our best tips, favourite films, wisdom and get practising and honing our skills with special tips from the greats. 

Friday 17 - Monday 20 September 2021 - DRIFT CREATIVE

Drift Creative will focus on our creativity. There will be visiting guests from different fields of: art, writing, film, photography and design. We will host workshops with our guests and rediscover our own creativity as well as take some time to hone or develop any creative projects we might be working on. There will be options for pottery and painting sessions and space for you to develop your own work. 

For more information on any of the Retreats please get in touch. 

Prices include all food, surf & yoga sessions, equipment 

and three nights accommodation in Kempt Tower.

Airport transfers included. £300 deposit is required to Book. We will email you for further information once the deposit is received. 

Not included: Massages / Treatments 

Please email for more information -

Get in touch

DRIFT, Kempt Tower, St Ouen, Jersey


DRIFT takes place in Kempt Tower which is a Jersey Heritage Property.